Don't Take It Personal!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

If you are like me, you where you wear on your sleeve, overthink way too much and take everything personal. But why? Is it because you just want everyone to like you and realize your worth for you? Well, that doesn't make much sense. Now does it!

Alot of times, people are going through their own stuff. So the the phrase it's not you its them, means exactly that!

So when you find yourself taking things personal when it comes to your business, that can become dangerous territory and you better tread lightly! It's a self destructive path you ought not to take.

Also be mindful and understand that the weaker your network, the more bad behavior from others begin to have affects you and your personality.

Personalization is just one of several cognitive distortions.

Cognitive distortions often lead to common psychopathologies which is just a smart way of saying the term for mental-emotional challenges. Those can be labeled such as anxiety and depression.

In other words, personalization is a function of ego.

Those thoughts and reframed beliefs can have ripple effects across all of our relationships. Whether they would be business or personal. Our personalized thoughts spark personalized thoughts in other people. Believe it or not, their personalized thoughts then reinforce our own. It's like a never ending continuing dysfunctional cycle.

We unconsciously contribute to this highly personalized difficulty between delusion and reality, until we seriously stop to look at the ridiculous and idiodic beliefs that make it up in our own mind.

You cannot go through your whole entrepreneurship journey worrying about others, you already have way too much to be concerned with anyhow, like your business you created with your own bare two hands! You come so far ahead, why are you looking behind you?

You are not defined by your company’s successes or failures That is the most important lesson that any entrepreneur can learn. No matter how hard you try, your best efforts will sometimes result in failure. Those failures are not a reflection on your value as a successful individual.

Instead, they’re simply part of running a business.

Remember, the entrepreneurial journey isn’t about you; it’s about building something greater than you.

Entrepreneurs who take everything personally will fail. Sure, their businesses might grow, and they might make money, but they’ll be miserable.

Create a space between yourself and your reactions all around. Your initial response might be to react emotionally. And that's okay, it's called wearing your heart on your sleeve, but in the end, you will loose if you continue taking things personal.

Stop Worrying So Much About What Other People Think of You, because one day you have to stop and envisage.

Realize that everything isn’t about you. We very have little control over how others view us and relate to us. We have more control over how we view ourselves and situations, and how we respond them. If we take time to look clearly at things, we can gain some distance from the situation rather than be so personally merged with it that we react quickly and mindlessly.

Calmness is a superpower!

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” -Mahatma Gandhi

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