Getting Smart With "Do Not Call" Registry

No one hates missing a business call more than we do! When you finally decide to answer the call because your phone has been literally ringing off the hook all day long, and you just can't take it go to answer the call only to find out, it's a TELEMARKETER!

The Federal Government created a National,

"Do Not Call registry, in effort to make it easier to stop receiving telemarketing calls, sales calls, we all dread and frankly do not want.

Particularly for St. Lucie Mobile Notary, we are a 24 hour Notary Public service and must answer every call that comes through otherwise, what the point of being a 24/7 Notary service? But what do you do when you receive too many unsolicited, spam, and telemarking calls? You get added to the "Do Not Call List"!

Having unnecessary spam calls can really affect your business, simply because you never want to miss a call or make your customers feel like you never can answer the phone when they call you and need Notary service. When you add your number to the list your number permanently stays there and has no expiration date.

Telemarketers are required by law to update their "Do Not Call List", from the National Do Not Call Registry at least every 30 to 31 days. The Federal Trade Commission has authorized fines if telemarketers call a number that is on the Registry list.

Particularly, if you owe a debt and have creditors attempting to collect a debt, that's a completely different story, and you have no control over those calls, and you are pretty much stuck left to deal with them. Organizations, researchers or companies you are doing business with currently unfortunately, will not stop calling either.

However, if adding your name to the Do Not Call Registry doesn't seem to stop the unwanted calls, you have alternatives by complaining to Government agencies about your harassing call dilemma, by sending a handwritten notice i.e., "Demand for Damages for Excessive Calls" letter. You can send the letter to the following agencies:

State Attorney General for your specified State

State Consumer Protection Office

Federal Trade Commission

Federal Communications Commission

You may also register online at or call them toll free at 888-382-1222

You may also verify that our telephone number has been placed on the Do Not Call Registry.

Don't let unwanted calls ruin your business or your day! We have rights and we can do something about it!

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