Girl Boss & Proud of it!

What does being a #girlboss mean to you? I'm not talking about the Netflix show that was Cancelled. I'm talking about a girl, well woman, who is so confident in her abilities and self worth.

A woman who embraces and practices spreading love, wealth and knowledge.

A woman who truly Loves herself and speaks her honest truth. Because we all know what you can do with opinions....

A woman who recognizes that happiness is a choice, and it's one you must make each and every single day.

A woman who remains sharp and classy when business needs done.

A woman that let's Love guide her, NOT fear!

A woman who endorses strength and power. And is never apologetic for wanting to create greatness for herself and others around her.

A woman who not afraid to take the lead and make decisions effectively and efficiently.

A woman who is independent but practices traditional values of being a wife and taking the backseat.

A woman who understands that she has no problem handling the hard stuff. I mean if she doesn't do it, who the hell else will?

Let's start a movement and make the world a better place for all women by being proud of who we are #girlboss

If you are a #girlboss share some of your thoughts on how being apart of this forceful movement!

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