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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

A little bit about me. Well my name is LaToya Watts and I am the owner of St. Lucie Mobile Notary, located in Port St. Lucie Florida. For those who may not know we are a 24/7 Notary Service, operated by all women. We are extremely new to the blogging scene and we truly thank you for subscribing and most of all supporting our Notary business!

Our Notary journey started about 16 years ago when I was attending college at Shawnee State University, located in Portsmouth Ohio. When I was then currently working at the Scioto County Courthouse as a Deputy Clerk Intern for my cheerleading coach, who suggested that I become a Notary if I planned on being in the legal field. Who would have thought that have after 16..almost 17 years later, I would be licensed in 2 States and own my own professional business. So in reality, I owe it all to my coach for planting the seed in my head for the vision to be where it is today, a "thank you" will never be enough!

I must admit, I have learned a lot over the years and I have also failed a lot over the years in the same breath. Funny part is, we all do it and go through trials and errors. It's just about who is willing to share their stories and actually talk about them? Either way, every experience you have while trying to create a business from the ground up will have highs and lows, and my choice to not give up or give in, proves that possibilities are endless for what I am able to obtain and achieve. I am living proof and I am going to share a known factual secret with my followers... its not about what you know, it's who you know!


So what can you expect, and what's to come?

Have questions about Florida Notary Laws and may be afraid to ask, or may not have time to do the research? We will assist with tips, facts and information as well as true stories from our own experiences that we go through on a daily basis. Whether they be good or bad... its facts!

Don't forget to follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Google! When you see the hashtag #morethananotary know that you are following one of the most diverse Notaries South Florida has ever seen! Offering 24 hour Notary services, County Mediations, Legal Document Preparation, Virtual Paralegal services, and so much more! We are a one stop Notary Courier shop! lol If you have no idea what Notary Courier means, you are about to learn all about it!

Lastly, I’d like to grow my readership. Can you help me out by sharing this blog post?

Thank you for supporting, you will not be disappointed!

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