Notarizing During a Pandemic

Having doubts about continuing notarizations during COVID-19?

Feeling unsure and completely confused about whether you continue serving your communities because of the possible dangers that could lead to unimagined health problems and much worse?

In the words of the great Michael Jackson. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

These are strange times and the fact is not everyone has the capability or legal right to perform Remote Online Notarizations. So, some folks may still have to venture out there to continue to make a living, but at what cost?

The information seems clear, wear a mask, gloves, wash hour hands and keep #socialdistancing. But, what happens when close physical proximity during a notarization has become more of a force than a choice?

You can just get up and run out of the room like a mad person, and you can't be rude about respect personal space, so what CAN you do?

Well for starters, if you haven't already, you should already be implementing Online Notarizations in order to avoid contact all together with people who may be feeling ill at the time of your signing.

You can also arrive to your appointment early set up a bit earlier if possible, and try structure the room so that everyone including yourself can be comfortable during the notary signing.

Be prepared on your own by having your face mask gloves hand sanitizer and several pins available so that no contamination or contact has to be direct for everyone's safety and peace of mind.

With cases back on the rise, use your best judgment before heading out to that signing 👌🏾

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Be well and stay safe!

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