Notarizing with Marker Felt Pens

History shows that the first writings began not with cave man, on stone, as we all had been falsely lead to believe most of the part of our lives growing up. But in fact in Egypt, with the hieroglyphics on the walls, which are still there today from thousands of years ago.

The form of the signature be very unique and have it's own style.

I did a little research on what type of pen would be proper to use during a notary signing. And the problem is, everybody should be able to have their own style of signature, stamp, yadda yadda ya! But when it comes to the actual ink pen, are you even allowed to use a marker felt pen?

Which is a thicker more in depth pen.

It's always prefered to use a black or blue ink pin, particularly because when scanning and photocopying documents you don't want your documents to look like a copy of the copy, that you're making a copy of, if that makes sense!

And you most definitely can use an in depth, stand out, writing utensil to use while performing notorial signings.

And let's face it, ink wears and tears with time and age, just like any other living matter on the Earth. The fact that you want to make sure that this document never loses its signature it's always best to ensure that you you're using a pen of some sort that is perminent. With the possibility of being waterproof as well, if possible.

Because we all know what happens when a document gets wet. And ne mindful that black ink can be confused with a photocopy, especially over time as the ink fades.

Unless stated on the document specifically, a document will not go uncertified just because the use of different color may not match, because everyone has the right to use their own form of ink when signing, it's irrelevant to the document. The only thing that matters is that each party signed in the proper spaces, where designated and that it's certified with your seal of approval!

Saint Lucie Mobile Notary always looks to serve the people and always provide information when possible and free of charge because information should be available to everybody, so with that in consideration. Be mindful that you should ALWAYS keep extra blank copies, if you intend to use the marker felt type pen. You should always carry extra copies anyway in case of emergency, but as mentioned before, it's super encouraging to use a marker felt to ensure that the signature will not one; be removed and two; it's your own form of style signature.

Remember, people make mistakes, and if something goes wrong, you can't scratch it out so always make sure if you intend to use that type of pen, a marker felt, that you have extra blank stationary copies available on hand in your bag rearing and and ready to go, because anything can happen!

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By: LaToya Watts

Owner of St. Lucie Mobile Notary

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