Problem Solved! How to Not Feel Bad After Difficult Situations with Clients

We all have experienced a difficult client at one point or another in our lives while handling a notarial act. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it...right?

True, but how we feel in the end result should not be due to the difficulty of the clients actions or words. So how can we bounce back from that? Well, for starters, you can not care! Honestly! Exactly that! Don't dwell on difficulty, you will be the only one you disappointed in the end. Just remain professional and courteous at all times!

Remember, the only added value the difficult client gives you is a learning experience as a Notary. You can even apply your bad experience to your business by helping other Notaries overcome uncomfortable and unreasonable situations.

One way to begin gaining control of the difficult scenario is to stick to your script. If you have a routine, follow it on track and try your best to proceed with the signing, removing personal feelings from business.

Always start by being assertive by what the rules of your State requires for performing Notary services if you are asked to do something out of your States procedure and or statutes.

There can be no "favors"when it comes to the use of your Notary signature for signings. You do what your State requires, no exceptions.

And if you are being bullied into do anything different, respectively decline the whole assignment.

We should at least have specifics on what kind of document you are signing but they can have whatever they want containing in that document, we are not there to Judge, only notarized and uphold the State's oath.

If you feel mislead, ASK A FEW QUESTIONS. Never feel pressured into signing something over intimidating circumstances.

You are the Notary and you are in control. Feel confident enough to know that and walk in it!

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