Quarantined as a Notary Public...

Well business is slow. Business has become so slow that I barely get calls but when I do, I jump on them immediately simply because of the times that we are in and what we are all going through, who knows if we will be open tomorrow.

Seeing that this pandemic has taken over our nation has really slowed down my small business as a Notary for the State of Florida. However, I will not let this pause on society get me down or get me out!

It's extremely difficult to focus while working from home; being a mom and taking care of a multitude of things on a daily basis around-the-clock, from the time your feet hit the ground until your head hits the pillow.

This way of life has become the new normal and this COVID-19 mess has become a part of our memory forever.

I have become my children's school teacher and I have enjoyed every single minute being involved deeply with learning something new, like Spanish!

We have taken this opportunity with all the time we have together, to not only focus in growing and evolving, we also indulged on learning something, together! I hope to have made a forever lasting memory with my children and my husband. Even though he still is required to work daily, I am responsible for holding down the fort and handling all businesses and the home, I have to maintain positive spirits in order for the universe to work positively me and my family.

Maintaining health has become a bigger part of our family even though we've always worried and tried to be healthy as we possibly could, but now we are seriously considering changing a lot more than we did before.

I get a lot of inquiries about if I'm still notarizing and yes I most definitely am.

I haven't had one day where I did not want to not take a Notary call, even when I was unable to make the signing I felt horrible missing the call. However, I am still notarizing and taking all precautions simply because what if a elderly person would need my services as a Notary Public. Alot of people do not have the ability to use remote online notarizations as an option, so I would never leave a client hanging particularly in a time like this. Our service to them right now could possibly be crucial to their life or death and they may need immediate services to legalize the personal endeavors.

Why not make the money any chance you get? I have to take the chance to keep my business above float, simply because we don't know what's to happen next.

We strive on maintaining a 24 hour Notary service with St. Lucie Mobile Notary notary and we have been trying so hard to maintain that standard but now, it looks like it's coming to an end with Florida issue emergency shelter in place I feel will our county will come next.

Be mindful that if you have the opportunity to continue to do notarial act, please be safe, be well and be precautious, but don't stop making your money, you can't afford to!

Be Well! And always but love in front of fear!

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