Signs you might have a Copycat on your hands...

Has someone ever befriended you just to get close and steal your ideas?

Has someone you though had your better interests turns out to be a complete jacker?

Do you feel like no one can be trusted at this point?

Well before you jump off the ledge, lets just face facts, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! Coca -Cola didn't give up the soda game when Pepsi Cola was introduced into the world, Myspace was here first, so why can't Facebook join the club? The fact is that all inspiration comes from somewhere or someone, so why should you give up all the creative juices you have flowing in your brilliant mind, just because competition decides you have better ideas than they do? The hard fact to face is that there is competition in all business markets and aspects in life.

Copycats are unavoidable and if you have the talent to create amazing content or a outstanding one of a kind business idea, then be prepared for people to steal, mimic and copy everything you do.

Now I wanna share a brief experience that I recently had with a person who befriended me just to use me and my brand.


I met a young lady not quite a year ago, who I thought wanted to network, connect and well I thought...actually be my friend.

We eventually exchanged contacts and

started texting each other ,if one of us had a Notary signing, we would refer people to each other when one of us was unable to take on the signing. But then, it seemed that when I referred her to a signing, she was unavailable. When she referred me to a notary signing, I would go out and handle, no problem. Didn't think twice about it. But then I started noticing that her referrals would be "in the hood", dummy missions, and just at weird times and circumstances. Now don't get me wrong, I will take any and all notary signings I can get my hands on because I am dedicated to the growth of my business and cliental. However, I just couldn't understand why she would only reciprocate what she needed me to do, not what I needed her for a signing. And that to me was a complete red flag!

So I hosted a few Networking events around town and the funny thing is, she never attended one of them. Not one! Never reposted and shared anything to do with my notary business, like I would do for her. Sure she stole my content and never gave me any credit for, that's not the problem, because NEWS FLASH, we all do it in some form or fashion. But that wasn't the kicker that hit the field goal. This lady started advertising and offering the same exact services that we currently offer even though she NEVER offered or provided those services before she met me.

So I was left with one option which was cut all ties! Sounds petty, that may be, although while imitation is a form of flattery, imitation is also the sincerest form of mediocracy.

Lets be real, your vision involves all of your knowledge, time, dedication and understanding. That's what makes your brand unique. That's what makes you stand out and become noticed in the public eye. And that's what allows you to persevere when someone steals your ideas and content.

Try to remember to be discerning with people you first meet. And if you feel like your business really and truly needs protection like we did, I suggest you look into trademarking, patents, non-disclosure agreements or copyrighting your brand or business just to protect yourself for heartache and disbelief after the fact.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed our article, you may wanna read this blog post from Ross Simmonds. He hits home and I definitely could relate to the entire article.

If you enjoyed our post, please feel free to share, we won't sue or blog about you, I promise!

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