Super Mom, a Real Badge of Honor!

What's it like being a SUPER MOM?

Well for starters, their children and husbands ALWAYS come first!

There is such a stereotype that working women don’t prioritize their children or relationships above their working commitments. Well......that’s not true. Super Moms always put the needs of their children and husbads first, and they also make time for their OWN dreams and goals. We are the moms who can do it all of with extraordinary powers, with the ability to achieve all the things in life we want because we are naturally born to do so. Think about it?

We are full time doctors, therapists, maidservants, career women, referees, plus, still manage being a friend, a sister, a lover, and if I honestly continue, the list go could on forever and eternity. I’m talking about the women who run businesses, the women who study, the women who earn more money on maternity leave than they do working their full time employment 8 hours a day. While having the flu or some other cold symptom and you are just not feeling well, but the show must go on mom. To the moms who run a seamless household, have wonderful marriages and still somehow manage to please the senses and mind aesthetically by trying to look beautiful all of the time.

Because guess what? It.absolutely takes some kind of SUPER POWER to achieve all of these things while still raising your children and being a mom. These moms, we make life look so easy, and I mean someone who is actually busy, not just someone who thinks they are busy! The moms that focus high place value on being happy and having fun with your husband and children. If you are happy, your children most likely will be too. Especially your husband, and most of all YOURSELF.

The moms that always want what's best for their children and husbands. The moms that want our kids to be seen, loved, and to watch them enjoy happiness and success in their lives. Making lasting memories with them even when you can't afford it, but you would rather provide them with a experience you yourself as a child never experienced before. Because children, particularly black children deserve more than becoming athletes and entertainers, you show them they can become and do so much more! Travel, Explorer and by teaching them to be independently free.

The moms who are pursuing their own dreams while teaching empowerment to their child to use their words and spend time helping them figure out their thoughts and feelings so they grow up to become productive citizens of society.

The definition of a mom is a woman who takes on the selfless and unconditional responsibility to nurture the emotional and physical well-being of her kids and husband. And any woman who manages to do that successfully amid the chaos, you my dear are a SUPER MOM, never ne ashamed to use your powers every once in a while!

If you are a Super Mom share this post and thank you for reading!

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