What starting a business with $0.00 really looks like...

I cannot imagine myself working until I am 65, well, 75 at this point, just to retire and pass away. You all definitely don't know my story but if you did, you wouldn't believe that I actually made my true passion and dreams a reality! Which is ultimately, working for myself!

People often waste time trying to reassure themselves that everything has to be perfect, and in reality, NOTHING EVER IS! But one thing me and my husband refused to do, was give up or give in.

My husband and I had a long conversation one night about how can we honestly become our own boss! How could we start a business with zero dollars and zero cents? How we could create other streams of income for our household? There were so many more questions that we questioned ourselves about, it came to the point where my husband said enough! He wanted me to turn our questions into answers without worrying about "what if." And he was right! I mean If we kept asking those negative type of questions, we would still be there today naming off all the wrong that could go wrong, without even giving the idea a try.

So we both wrote down what we wanted for our business venture to be. And low and behold, our vision manifested into our reality.

Now, we currently live in South Florida and moved here from Cleveland Ohio back in 2013. And when I say there is a lot of grass to go around. I mean, there are tons of yards to be cut, contract to bid on, you name it. So we decided to start a lawn care service. Just like back in the day when you were a child going door to door asking "do you need your lawn cut ma'am, or sir", and that's exactly what we did! We didn't have sufficient equipment to run a lawn care company, but we used what we had to get the job done, and before you know it, we had a handful of clients, updated equipment, and an additional income coming in to help support not only our household, but our lawn care business as well as providing another form of income.

Every penny we made, we put something towards the lawn care business, because we could not just walk into a bank and be granted a loan. Even if we had he credit to do so, the outcome would not be encouraging for us. And if you have experienced something similar, then you can relate to what I am saying, without the words being stated any further.

Now of course I myself did not want to just specifically cut grass and that be all. Our goal is to have multiple streams of income in all ways possible, doing jobs we love and enjoy doing. So with my experience as a Notary for the State of Ohio for 15 years, I utilized my previous experience and transitioned into a Notary for the State of Florida, also becoming certified in different aspect of the legal field in the process. I had no money for the notary exam, so thank goodness it was free for the State of Florida at the time. I didn't have funds to purchase a notary seal stamp or even business cards for that matter. So for a month straight, I purchased at least one item for my business that was necessary and beneficial to me. I used my revenue from the notarizations and my regular 9 to 5 and I purchased each notarial supply one by one until I eventually became a self sufficient 24 hour Notary Public service.

I encourage all who inspire to be a business owner to get up an take action if you have an idea for a business. Don't sit around and say what if, because you will never get started if you don't gain the courage to just try! If you are looking to start your business and you don't have the money to do so, just ask yourself this one question, "How passionate are you about working for someone else, for the rest of your life"? And the answer you get, should change how you feel about starting a business, just because you don't have the money to do so, doesn't mean you don't deserve to happy in the profession you truly desire! Use your talent to generate revenue for the future.

Because the longer you take, the further you are away from the life you can only dream about!

And if you haven't already, check our e-book, me and my husband released on Valentine's Day in 2019. "True Love Story Rescue", has a whole chapter dedicated to money and finances between us in our marriage, plus relationship advice and of course true events! Purchase your copy only on Amazon!

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