Win, Loose or Draw! Never Give up!

Do you find yourself quitting things a lot? It’s important to sit down with yourself and identify why you have a tendency to give up. This may feel uncomfortable and you may feel resistance during the process. But once you actually work through your limiting beliefs, they can be released really quickly and therefore help you to create more success in your life.

No matter what challenge you are facing (whether be it getting started on the business idea or pressing forward in a new relationship or endeavor), you will struggle with maintaining your optimism, dedication and will power.

If you give up after your first failure, you will know what you did wrong, but you will never learn the right way to do things.

Every time you make a mistake and fail to achieve your goal, you will know one more thing that should not be done. This way, by process of elimination alone, you will keep getting closer to your goal, and finally arrive at a foolproof way to get things done. Me myself for instance, published a whole damn book WITH THE DRAFTED MANUSCRIPT! Talk about wanting to throw in the towel! But I learned from my mistakes and missteps and moved forward with my journey as a entrepreneur. Without failure, I would have no testimony! Let alone a story to blog about!

There would be no reason to make excuses if the above-mentioned forces weren’t directing our behavior. Yet, it is important to understand that in some ways our excuses are blessings in disguise, as they provide us with an insight into the self-sabotaging forces that are dominating our current reality and process of thinking.

There is never a day when you can’t create or accomplish a new goal. Let life be a learning experience. Don’t let this year be another year of good intentions with unaccomplished goals.

If you want to accomplish something, then you need to DO something about it!

To Never Ever Give Up doesn’t always mean you should keep at a useless cause. It means never ever give up on that great life you deserve. You might have to change your approach – the “how” you will get there – but just never ever give up on your dream life.

There is always a way if you are willing to find a way!

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