You Made a Mistake, Now What?

Sometimes, we all tend to rush to do things and that always leads to major problems in the long run. As a Notary Public, maybe the document seems like a straightforward notarization you have completed a million times before.

This is when most errors occur and end up backfiring in your face if you are not mindful. Which will ultimately cost the loss of a client, which could be detrimental to your business IF you are not extremely careful during every signing and you should treat every notarization like you would your first.

Be detailed and thorough, it's absolutely necessary to maintain a successful Notary business.

Alot of mistakes can be avoided by having a solid mental and physical checklist, staying organized and structured so that careless errors are not made and you will not end up being sued because it could be possible and if you do not ask the proper questions. Your signature could cost you money and not make you any money at all!

And the main one question we always focus on is PROPER IDENTIFICATION.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are confused as to how to proceed with a notarial signing stop, re-read the document and regroup your thoughts and realize if you made the mistake, own it and be prepared for what comes next, and hopefully not the worse.


Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about lawsuits so having the right insurance gives you the absolute solid the peace of mind to focus on what matters....satisfying your client.

You should always maintain Errors & Omissions insurance for any unfortunate events that may occur with a notarial signing.

After the notarization, if you notice an error on the notarial document, respectively decline to proceed any further and apologize for your mistake and honestly...pray for mercy....

Whether you make the mistake by arriving up too late to a signing, or missing a scheduled appointment entirely. Thats considered extremely unprofessional and that is a mistake you cannot afford to make.

No one can in any profession!

It could also be costly if you ever find yourself failing to follow specific instructions. That goes for any and all professions, frivolous mistakes can lead to trouble in your client-based relationships, and the same specifically holds true for mobile notaries. As a Notary Signing Agent, even blindly ignoring important instructions will lead to screwing up important deadlines that prevent a loan from being properly funded on time.

When the blame on such matters is traced back to a notary who did not do as they were instructed; the client will more than likely find another notary who will follow what is required and you will loose money, if you are not precise.

I'm not trying to scare you, even though the hard truth is scary for some Those errors mentioned above are some of the notarial errors that will lose you clients quickly.

After all, much of the appeal of a mobile notary is that their professional service revolves around the client’s schedule, legal wishes and needs.

When that schedule is violated, expect a client to look elsewhere for their notary needs. BE SMART AND BE PRECISE!

You were Certified by your State and YOU ARE QUALIFIED and more than capable! Never lose confidence in your ability to properly manage the situation and make sure you are FOCUSED:)

As a Notary helping customers with signings and notarizing legal forms, you have to always be mindful that you were chosen to process the signing so WALK IN THAT!

I'll say it before and I'll say it a million times, you should have Errors & Omissions insurance for your potential errors and omissions. What if you perhaps accidentally violated a law and notarized something you shouldn't have; maybe your notarization caused irreversible damage that you NEVER thought would happen.

(If you live in Florida and need E&O Insurance)

There are several serious mistakes and tons of other error or omission mistakes you can make and it may be impactful and cause some legal action against you. Protect yourself by purchasing coverage.

Hope you enjoyed reading and please share with you fellow Notary!

Now go out there and continue to blossom! xoxo

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