St. Lucie Mobile Notary's Fees

Our prices remain fair and statutory to

Florida's standards.

Travel up to 8 miles- Free of charge

Travel up to 15 miles- $5.00 fee

Travel up to 25 miles-$15.00 fee

  St. Lucie Mobile Notary is proud to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are open for business.  During off peak time, between the hours of Midnight to 4am, travel service in St. Lucie County up to Jensen Beach, the fee would be a flat rate of $40.00.

  For instance, if you are in need of notary service at any local police station, retirement facility, county jail, hospital or nursing home, and there are two signers, the fee would be a flat rate of $50.00.  Between the hours of Midnight to 4am only.  During regular hours business hours, the fee would be $20.00 in additional to the regulated notary travel fee.

All Nursing Homes and Hospitals receive automatic 20% discount.

     All forms and payments are accepted.


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