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So where do we begin? St. Lucie Mobile Notary notarizes all documents where the authorized signer holds probity between the client and the notary public.  Proper identification such as a state I.d., driver's license or passport would next be verified before the signing takes place.  Affirming that the documents being notarized was done so intentionally and purposefully.

So what can we notarize?

Acknowledgements                                       Assessments
Addendum's                                                    Assignments
Affidavit Liens                                                Attestation
Authorizations                                               Bills of Sales
Certifications                                                  Certificate of Authorship
Certificate of Identity                                    Contracts
Compliance Agreements                              Deed of Trusts
Demand Letters                                             Durable Power of Attorney
Grant Deed                                                      Immigration Forms
Marriage Ceremonies                                   Memorandum of Understanding
Modification Agreements                            Living Will & Testimony
Name Affidavits                                             Petitions, Pleadings & Motions
Quick-claim Deeds                                        License Applications
Release and Waivers                                     Rental Agreements
Statement of Consent for Passports           Student Verification
Sworn Statements                                         Tax Verification Forms
Vehicle & Salvage Title                                  Visa Applications
Wills & Trusts                                                 Real Estate Closings
Presentments                                                  Certificate of Non Response

  We love using the hashtag #morethananotary because that's what we are and that's what we represent.  St. Lucie Mobile Notary Public also offers other services to make our business a "one stop shop."  Check out some of the other services that we have to offer, in no particular order:
Court Witnessing
Trial Court Technician
Record Keeping
Correspondence Services
24 hour availability 
Private County Mediations 
  We also prepare, draft, and brief Motions and or Pleadings for Court Proceedings. for attorneys and businesses.
  Have a Court date and you need a Notary immediately?  St. Lucie Mobile Notary will show up at your court hearing , for on the spot notarization services.  
  Facing Eviction or having landlord/tenant issues?  Private County mediations are available through St. Lucie Mobile Notary. Small Claims cases for damages up to and including $5,000, excluding court costs, interest, and attorney fees..  County Civil cases involving claims ranging from $5,001 through $15,000 in damages, excluding court costs, interest, and attorney fees. These cases must also involve contract and indebtedness, negligence and other county civil claims, but the amount of money at issue is greater than Small Claims cases.
  Interested in becoming a Notary Public? Just visit


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